S A M    F R A N C I S










The Grand Gathering, Melin Dolwion, Wales, September 2017

Quick-fire sewing-machined visual and aural vignettes of Melin Dolwion, with an invitation to be interpreted through sound, music, or vocally by attendees of The Gathering. 

Stitched Graphic Scores:
i. The test (with sheet music in mind)
ii. The sun shining in this room right now
iii. Music seeping through the floorboards
iv. The stream babbling
v. Yesterday’s sunshine
vi. Drums beating through the floorboards
vii. Rain on a tin roof

This work is part of a photographic portrait of Melin Dolwion from the best part of a week spent there, and which can be seen HERE.

"The Gathering is a space, place and time where we can build up confidence in our creativity; where we can sit in silence, sing, play an instrument, draw, be poetic; prophetic; we could talk in tongues, talk to each other, to ourselves, talk to voices. We can listen, make sounds; melodies and noise, soft and loud; leave space, fill it up; explore rhythm and time, chaos and rhyme; lullabies and laments; shyly and boldly be in our different rhythms together." Maggie Nicols