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MELIN DOLWION: a portrait

The Grand Gathering, Melin Dolwion,  Wales, September 2017

A photographic portrait of Melin Dolwion, exploring the small, overlooked things during a near-on week spent there for the annual Grand Gathering. 

The Gathering was started in 1991 by improv legend Maggie Nicols and others and still takes place regularly to this day in London with an annual Grand Gathering at her home; the Melin Dolwion mill in Carmarthenshire, Wales. The format for the gathering has been for anyone to turn up and join in a free-wheeling improvisation. The Grand Gathering follows the same remit but for a whole week residential of creating, talking, being, cooking and living together. Melin Dolwion/ Create-ahh is a community space for recovery, creative retreat and reclaimed experience.