S A M    F R A N C I S











Co-creative Director, 2011-2019 / Advisory Board Member to present

Supernormal is a Community Interest Company that produces an annual festival of experimental arts and music. I was part of shaping and developing the organisation and producing the annual festival and programmes until 2019.

Supernormal expands upon new paradigms of what a festival can be. Independent and uncompromising, it champions multi-faceted, exploratory art and music from the underground, margins and fringes to impart inspiring and engaging encounters beyond the everyday and the expected. Existing in a contemporary political climate where creativity is all too often marginalised within an ideological drive towards profit at all costs, now more than ever Supernormal seeks to respond to a challenging era in fearless, non-profit-driven terms by forming a sanctuary for expression. 

Evolving from the countercultural lineage of Braziers Park, Supernormal came to life out of the auspices of the Braziers International Artist Workshop. Connecting with the ethos and ideologies of the Braziers community, and exploring possibilities of alternative living and learning, Supernormal retains these values, forming a network of artists, collaborators, partners and platforms to forge and nurture a community spirit all of its own.

Selected curated programmes include: 
*Women, Art & Sound programme
*Artist Billboards 
*Shed & Plinth commissions
*Drawing Room exhibitions including Susan Treister’s Hexen 2.0 and Serena Korda’s Jug Choir 
*New music and visual art collaborations
*Partner collaboration programmes
*Annual call-out for workshops and participatory activities
*Artist development &  audience engagement