A Flanuese’s Jaunt: Glasgow International Festival, 2016

Written for A-N Reviews 
Recipient of Visual Arts South West Go & See Bursary to visit Glasgow International Festival.
‘Hippies use Side Door’ reads the sign. We enter, my companion and I.
A rabbit dressed as a pirate slouches alongside soft padded crustaceans seated among a faux film set. A clam on a skateboard takes centre stage. Nothing happens, all is still, the final shot. The non-real curtains to raise open after dark once the museum doors are closed and everyone has gone home. Then to bogle, to dance, to play, to shake and move until dawn…..
Mickey Mouse’s hands do a dance to their own tune (but what have they done with Mickey?)
She slumps voluptuous and naked above gingham hillocks.
Nichts! Nichts! Nichts! Nichts!
Two more clams, soft-furnished. Hanging overhead from their very own swing, chattering below the grandiose gilded ceiling. golden ecclesiastical. 
Puff marsh mallow man pukes all over himself (rumour has it he was at the after dark show last night) straddling an atomic, erotic, phallic powder-pink launch missile.
Stepping our way down and through Trongate we pass closed down, shut up shops, boarded up windows, faded signage, cracked coloured tiles; things moving on to a shinier part of town now.
Reconstructed vignettes of the city, traces of the passed by, the commonplace, the nothing to see here, nothing worth seeing there. The generic frame of a bus stop now represented as the grand columns at the pearly gates, an unremarkable wall becomes a woven web, the uninspiring bricks gentle seating, all delicately revealed to be beholden.
Archival books, films, prints at the Glasgow Women’s Library, Spare Rib, Jo Spence, Roni Horn reminders of female power, and of the continual and continuous struggles against the patriarchy. Up close and personal. To be seen. To be heard. Political. Vital.......
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