China in Your Hand

Musings and observations from Beijing and beyond. 2012/13
extracts from: www.chinainyourhand.tumblr.com
tiny dogs scuttle along on their miniature legs sporting doggy-style puffa jackets and matching shoes, steaming hot flasks and wooly winter warmer communist hats, two-toned shiny day-glo puffa, the stench of burning meat wafts through the crowds, matching mother and daughter puffa combo, furry ear warmers, cheap eats and cheaper beers, panda hats and animal ears for girls and grown women, puffa puffa puffa, an 80’s ski jacket breaking the trend, neon illuminated puffas, pink wooly hats and animal print hand muffs, red coat and matching trousers for Christmas and a Minnie Mouse helium balloon.