BS Deathdrive

co-production with artist Emma Lilwall for Bristol Art Weekender & Spike Island, 2014

BS Deathdrive was an off-line file sharing network  rejecting the online and virtual world to create an anonymous, untraceable, underground activity mapping the city of Bristol.

The Deathdrives (USB sticks) were installed at accessible public locations and art organisations across Bristol discoverable via a network map of the city. Acting also as a distribution tool kit for artists, and taking it's name from Freudian psychoanalytic theory, as the drive towards death and self-destruction, the subversive network it creates and the files shared, aimed to initiate a range of activities.

Files were routinely gathered from the Deathdrives and the resulting files worked into an a/v installation at Spike Island Open Studios 2014.
The project can be seen in full here:  https://bsdeathdrive.tumblr.com