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BEEF: Bristol Experimental Expanded Film

member of artist-led collective since 2015

BEEF is a film and sound collective supporting experimental practice in Bristol. BEEF provides an independent platform for artists’ production, distribution and critical engagement, often focusing on analogue practices. BEEF’s members are artists, curators and researchers organising a regular programme of events, exhibitions, film & sound workshops and screenings. 

I have curated various events & programmes including: 

BEEF: Vitreous Humour at Flatpack Film Festival, 2019

A back-to-back programme of performance, film and sound at Centrala Gallery for Flatpack Festival designed to ignite your retinas and vibrate your tectorial membranes.

BEEF also hosted two Flatpack artist residencies at the Brunswick Club.

The Art of Magic, with Folklore Tapes &  Friends, Oct 2018
A new collaborative project and series of studies, art works and performances exploring the nature and lore of magic, based around the unique collection housed at the museum. Exhibition and performances by Folklore Tapes & friends.

Women in Punk & No Wave Film & Music, Jan 2018
A day long event that considers an alternative to the prevalent punk narrative and looks at how Punk created a new type of space for women and shaped alternative ways of looking and seeing, listening and hearing, speaking and shouting, dancing, dressing and protesting. Programme of talks, film screenings, workshops, music and performance. 

Brunswick Light Ray Process, Nov 2017
A collaborative project resulting in an evening of durational and immersive sound, performance and installation in action: the Brunswick Light-Ray Process was an early method of sound recording technology using a mirror, light rays and sound wave vibrations to record audio in a way that harmonizes with the optical soundtrack employed in photo-chemical film processes.

Lori Goldston and Halftone, May 2017

An evening of ‘in the moment’ improv; music, visuals and records set in the improv venue of a former working men’s club with visuals by BEEF artists Laura Phillips & Melanie Clifford,

Brunswick Improv Choir, 2017/8

Exploring what an improvisational, experimental, non-traditional choir could look like, how it could take shape with friends, artists, singers, non-singers who met regularly across 6 months. Members of the Choir took part in Grafted Chorus at Whitchurch and Hengrove Community Orchard as a social space to gather and commune.